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Your skin’s health and dazzling beauty is our number-one priority.

Along with our top selection of spray tanning and tanning bed options, we offer a wide variety of tanning-related products and services. Each one is selected with care by experienced Tanning Consultants determined to help you share your stellar shine.

Tanning Lotions & Extenders

Our tanning lotions and extenders help anyone, whether they tan a little, a lot or not at all!
Everyone needs to retain and replenish moisture, vitamins and nutrients—helping their skin to stay healthy, feel smooth and smell great.
There’s no better way to speed up and extend the life of your tan. Prevent fine lines and wrinkles with our lotions, extenders, bronzers and hot action lotions. Not sure which is right for you? Have tattoos, dry skin, or just dislike the feel of lotion? Ask our expert Tanning Consultants, and they’ll help you decide on the right products for your skin.

Wellness Products

Our tanning lotions and extenders help anyone, whether they tan a little, a lot or not at all!Tanning isn’t the only way to increase your confidence and help you feel like the healthiest, best version of yourself.
Our safe, all-natural wellness products can help you focus your thinking, balance your lifestyle, lose weight and achieve your goals. They can even help you fight colds and viruses. Our wellness products are safe for diabetics, too, but they’re user-specific, so come in and speak with us for more details, today.

Spray Tanning & Tanning Beds

You probably guessed that our primary product and service line is all things tanning.
What you may not have realized is that with help from our Tanning Consultants, you can plan your tan. We’ll help you work out the number of visits and the type of tanning you’d prefer, on a regular schedule to achieve your tanning goals. Or, you can just hop on in whenever it’s convenient for you. Whichever you prefer, we’ll be here for you…because you getting gorgeous is always our go-to goal.

Teeth Whitening

Nothing complements a gorgeous tan like a brilliant smile.
That’s why many Sun Tan City salons offer teeth whitening services from BleachBright. At home or in the salon, you’ll be amazed at the difference 20 minutes makes, as your teeth transform from 2-8 shades whiter, guaranteed. Why not dazzle them with your golden glow and sparkling smile, simultaneously? Of course you can whiten your teeth while you’re tanning, too, saving yourself some precious time. Stop by your favorite salon today to learn more about all our teeth-whitening options.

Specialty Products

Looking for that little something extra to complete your look?
Select* Sun Tan City salons also offer top-quality featured products, like these:
Nail polish from Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer
Beautiful bracelets from Pura Vida
High-quality, organic CBD products from Natural Native
*Not all featured products are available at every salon. Ask your local Tanning Consultant for more information.

Your destination for getting gorgeous and staying that way

Sun Tan City offers a variety of carefully selected, high-quality tanning products and services.
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