You Wouldn’t Let a Bridesmaid Wear a Bikini to Your Reception

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You’ve probably marked some things off of your To-Do list since our last blog post on weddings. But if you’re anything like how I was when I was planning my wedding, as soon as I would get something done I would think of something else I had to get done.

You may not even be thinking about this right now, but if you’re getting married any time of the year when people wear bathing suits tanning lines can put a huge damper on your wedding photos.

To make sure your bridesmaids don’t look like they have a white bikini on under their dress, spend an afternoon pampering yourselves. The VersaSpa is our sunless tanning option at our salons and it will cover up those horrid tan lines in one session.

Available in three colors, the VersaSpa has an option for any skin tone. So if you have a friend who is naturally fair skinned, she won’t look like an oompa loompa afterwards because the VersaSpa solution uses beet extract and produces a natural looking tan with a red-ish/pink-ish tint.

So drop into one of our tanning salons for any tan line quick fixes so your pictures don’t look silly. And pick up some OPI for a quick fix on your manicure if you need it.

We are here to help you make you look perfect on your big day!

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