Working at Sun Tan City Allows You to Shine

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Working at Sun Tan City started out as just a part-time stepping stone for me until I figured out what I wanted my career to be. Turns out that this is one of the most fun, energetic and dynamic companies that I have ever worked for, including the food, hospitality, and retail clothing industries. Every day there is something new, with different clients coming in, new products hitting the shelves and fun promotions and sales that keep the mood uplifting.

I love being a part of making my clients feel their best, which includes spray tanning and UV tanning options, as well as teeth whitening, makeup and nail polishes. Nothing is more enjoyable than being able to share in the excitement of helping someone look and feel their best for a wedding, vacation or other special event in their life.

What Sun Tan City is for me is a family, one that I have been able to ‘grow up’ in, so to speak. I have been working here for over five years, where I started as a part-time Tanning Consultant and then was able to move up to a full-time Assistant Salon Director. That opportunity then led to a promotion to Salon Director. Now I am able to help others move up in the company as a Training Salon Director.

This truly is a company that invests in its employees and encourages growth from within. The number one reason that I stay year after year is that I never wake up dreading a day at work. I know that I have great clients, a fan-tan-tastic staff and some of the best co-workers and managers that I am honored to call friends and that a girl could ask for. This is a FUN company to work for! If you love to talk to and get to know other people, want to feel a sense of achievement, are interested in a part-time job that will allow you to shine or even have career growth in mind, I have a feeling that you will love this job, too!

– Training Salon Director Savannah Gilbert

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