Winter Skin Care Tips

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It’s that time of year again: Winter! While we all may love a blanket of white snow once in a while (and love warming up in one of our sun beds even more), the chill of winter winds can be damaging to your skin.

At Sun Tan City, we know a thing or two about skincare and we’re here to help you keep your skin beautiful and glowing all winter long. Just take a few simple tips and tricks from your beauty experts at Sun Tan City.

First, keeping your skin soft and supple during the winter months is all about moisturizing with our tan extenders. The cold, drying air zaps moisture from your skin, leaving it screaming for a little hydration.  Lucky you; we’ve got just the answer for that! Sun Tan City’s line of Blend® products are not only perfect from reversing the drying affects of cold weather, but they smell great, too! Our Blend® Premium Face or Blend® Passion Hypoallergenic Facial lotions are gentle enough on sensitive skin while being powerful enough to reverse the affects of the winter chill. But don’t forget about the rest of your body, too. At Sun Tan City, we have plenty of moisturizing tan extenders to choose from for your whole body! And, as always, one of our qualified Tanning Consultants can help you find the perfect lotion for you.

Also, if you notice that your skin is still drying after your new moisturizing routine, you may want to invest in a humidifier. When it’s cold outside, the air in your home can even become drying to your skin. To counter the hot, dry air heating your home or office, hook up a humidifier to add moisture in the air and keep your skin soft and supple.

Have additional skincare questions? Drop by your favorite Sun Tan City and ask one of our expert Tanning Consultants for their assistance or visit our Skin Care page. Happy Moisturizing (and Tanning, of course)!


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