Will the VersaSpa Make Me Orange?

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No. Sunless tanning has a bit of a bad rap because of older solutions that had a bit of an orange tint. But over time, the solution has advanced and it is now made with beet and walnut extracts, which will give your skin a natural looking reddish-brown tint.

Of course, everybody’s skin reacts differently so there is a possibility that your skin could have a bit of an orange tint. When this happens, it’s because your skin’s pH levels had a reaction to the solution.

We always suggest trying a sunless tan for the first time when you don’t have a big event coming up. This way, you can perfect your color choice, and have all of the poses down pat.

But to make sure your skin pH is balanced, you can use the VersaSpa Amplifier prep gel, which will make sure you will get flawless results.

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