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Helping You Create Your Perfect Tan!

Listen, fellas, our most-excellent men’s tanning options mean you can quit that creepy old tanning bed at the gym and get a more natural-looking tan at Sun Tan City instead. We offer the most modern tanning services to ensure effective tanning for men, plus personalized tanning assistance.
Plenty of men prefer to maintain a great tan, too, and we’re the safest, most comfortable place to make it happen. Thicker skin and more body hair can make tanning for men more challenging, but the tanning consultants at Sun Tan City help men create the perfect plan…to build the perfect tan!
At Sun Tan City, men’s tanning options are ready when you are, so there’s no need for a separate men’s tanning salon.
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Tanning for Men FAQs
How do I know the tanning bed is clean?

Our goal is to make sure you have complete peace of mind while you’re enjoying time in a Sun Tan City tanning bed or spray tanning booth. That’s why we take sanitation of our facilities and equipment very seriously. You will never be left wondering about cleanliness when you choose Sun Tan City for your tanning experience. After each client completes his or her tanning session, our employees prepare the room and the tanning bed or booth for its next use. All tanning equipment, both tanning beds and spray booths, are sanitized using Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved products. We don’t stop there. Any and all additional furniture that could come in contact with one of our guests during a tanning session is properly cleaned prior to use. This includes pillows, cushions, tabletops, handles and acrylic surfaces. Finally, once a Sun Tan City employee has properly sanitized all applicable equipment, the cleaning is recorded in our computer system and marked as complete. We will always have a record of the room and tanning booth being sanitized prior to your visit.

What should I wear when tanning in a tanning bed?

Your room at Sun Tan City is entirely private, and employees will not interrupt you during your tanning session. You are free to wear whatever you like to make the most of your tanning experience. Many of those who enjoy private indoor tanning do so in the nude. Nude tanning provides the most even coverage, as well as a sense of total-body relaxation you just can’t get anywhere else. However, because tender areas of your body are exposed during your sessions that are not accustomed to being exposed to sunlight, you will want to introduce your body to nude exposure at a relaxed pace. For those with concerns about sanitation or modesty, you are also welcome to tan wearing swimwear of any coverage level, or any other tan-through fabric item of clothing. The choice is yours!

Can anyone tan in tanning beds at Sun Tan City?

Everyone’s skin is different, and while a great majority of people can take full advantage of our state-of-the-art tanning options, tanning beds may not be the best choice for everyone. The FDA recommends that you consider the following before enjoying  tanning. If you’re prone to reddening, indoor tanning beds and lamps mimic the sun’s rays. If your skin reacts to sun exposure by reddening instead of tanning, it will not react differently in a tanning bed. If you are currently on a medication that causes your skin to be more sensitive to sun exposure, you should be careful when choosing a tanning option. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you’re unsure how sun exposure will affect you. If sun tanning isn’t the right choice for you, you can still get a great tan in the same private environment with one of our spray tanning options.

How do I get the best tan possible?

We recommend combining tanning beds and spray tanning in one visit. We call it a “Double Dip.” This combination will give you the fastest, most natural-looking tan available.


Can I tan over my tattoos?

Absolutely! You can build and maintain a great tan while being mindful of your body art.

Before coming in for a tanning session at Sun Tan City, make sure any recent tattoos are completely healed. If you’re not sure if a tattoo is completely healed, speak with your tattoo artist. He or she will likely be able to tell you if your tattoo is healed enough to visit Sun Tan City. If your tattoo isn’t ready and you still want to tan, please consult your tattoo artist as to the best way to protect your tattoo from UV exposure.

Healed tattoos and older tattoos can be protected as you tan by applying a high SPF lotion to the tattooed area prior to starting your tanning session. The tanning process can fade tattoo ink over time. Be sure to protect your body art with sunblock, so its colors stay as vibrant as your tan.


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