Why I LOVE the Instant Sunbed!

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Whether I’m on a time crunch or looking for a dramatic boost in color, the Instant sunbed is not only my favorite way to tan at Sun Tan City, but a client favorite as well! The Instant sunbed is our highest quality level sunbed, delivering a rich, deep, golden tan with minimal reddening to the skin. Filtering out a majority of the Reddening Rays (UVB), the Instant sunbed is comprised of mostly Bronzing Rays (UVA).

Why else is the Instant sunbed a great option for achieving golden results? Here are a few other key benefits you’ll get from the Instant sunbed:

  • See 5-10 times better tanning results than with our Fast level sunbeds.
  • Experience minimal redness since the Instant sunbed is comprised of mostly Bronzing Rays (UVA) and filters out a majority of the Reddening Rays (UVB).
  • Achieve your base tan in only two to three sessions, with only two to four sessions needed each month to maintain your glow.
  • Complete your session quickly, with most Instant level sunbeds requiring only 10-12 minutes of tanning time.
  • Get a more even tan, as most Instant level sunbeds feature a contoured acrylic top that helps to alleviate pressure points on your back.
  • Enjoy a relaxing tanning session in a more spacious sunbed.

Whenever I visit the Instant sunbed, my favorite product to use to enhance my tan is Pumped! by Designer Skin. Pumped! is a Pure Luxury tanning product that brings out your skin’s most natural color without the use of DHA or cosmetic bronzers, while adding in cutting-edge anti-aging ingredients that help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It’s infused with Angelica root extract, which is activated by the UVA light in the Instant sunbed, resulting in my best natural tan.

Now if I’m making it a Double Dip (tanning in both a UV sunbed and sunless in one session), I’ll use the new for 2015 Kardashian Glow Double Dip Intensifier. This Pure Luxury lotion helps me get the most color out of the Instant sunbed before sunless tanning. It’s a perfect Double Dip lotion because it’s formulated to be free of heavy silicones that can block the penetration of DHA and Erythulose during a sunless tan.

Looking for a boost in color? Club Sun members can enjoy our Instant sunbeds for half price on weekends! Stop by today for a quick dramatic boost in color! #imgoingtanning

– Jason

P.S. Be bright. Please tan responsibly.


  1. cheryl campbell

    I love the instant bed it is awesome and does a great job and as soon as I can I will be back to use it fully love it!

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