Which Bed is Right for You?

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Sun Tan City has four amazing UV sun tanning bed options for you to choose from every time you visit your favorite salon. But which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at how each one gives your sun tanning experience something special.

The Fast bed is all about relaxing, with long luxurious sessions and a sun tan result that’s slow to build, so you can treat yourself a little bit at a time.

The Faster bed is perfect for tanners who still want a long session of “me” time, but want results in fewer visits—sessions are usually no more than 15 minutes.

Fastest bed fans know that shorter sessions save time and still produce great results. Ten to twelve minutes for just four to seven sessions and the Fastest bed will build you a great, radiant base tan.

Lastly, the Instant bed does exactly what it says. This is our strongest bed, and with it you can go from no tan at all to the bronze of your dreams in only two to three 12-minute sessions.

Have more sun tanning bed questions? Check out our informational pages or ask the sun tanning experts at your closest Sun Tan City for more details.

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