What’s In Vicki’s Beach Bag?

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With spring break just around the corner, I want to share with you the essential Sun Tan City products I use to make sure I look my best on the beach. There are soooo many great products we sell that will keep you looking tan and gorgeous:

  1. Tanning Lotions: Did you know that every tanning lotion we sell could also be used outdoors? Don’t worry about buying all new products for the beach — use that JWOWW One and Done lotion you already bought and love.
  2. OPI Nail Polish: Not only do most Sun Tan City salons carry your favorite nail polish colors like Bubble Bath, but now we have several fabulous collections that are hard to find anywhere else! Have you seen the new Hawaii or the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey collections? They are sure to impress on the beach and keep your nails looking perfect for a night out on the town.
  3. Body Wash and Tan Extenders: Sand can definitely dry out your skin, but you can keep it glowing by moisturizing. We offer a lot of great body washes and tan extenders that do just that, while smelling fabulous at the same time. The next time you visit your salon, look for brands like Aloe There, Tiny Bubbles, Girlfriend Sexy and No Apologies. You will be so obsessed with them you’ll keep using them even after spring break is over.
  4. PhenTabz: Everyone feels better in a bikini when trim and toned, and Sun Tan City completely understands that. To help you in this department, we now sell the wellness product PhenTabz in many of our salons. PhenTabz help suppress your appetite, increase your body’s metabolism and improve energy levels. Try a bottle today and get started on that rockin’ beach body.
  5. BleachBright: Having a killer smile is integral to a successful spring break, and lucky for you, you can achieve it with Sun Tan City, too! Many of our salons offer BleachBright Teeth Whitening that you can do at the salon or at home. Sit in a chair for 20 minutes at your favorite salon to see instant results or purchase the UV BleachBright Starter Kit or pens to see results within 7 days. All products guarantee a smile 2-8 shades whiter, just in time for all those pictures!
  6. Makeup Bronzer: We carry two fabulous bronzers, one by California Tan (CT) and the other by your favorite Duck Dynasty wife, Jessica Robertson. Both are beautiful shades that look great, withstand the heat and take your glow to the next level.

Before you head to the beach, check in to see what other great products your local salon has to offer.

Make your spring break unforgettable with Sun Tan City!

– Vicki

P.S. Be bright. Please tan responsibly.

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