What Do I Need to Do to Get Ready for a Sunless Tan?

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To get a perfect sunless tan, here are a few tanning tips to help you get ready.

– The day you are planning on getting a sunless tan, shave your legs. Your legs will be nice and smooth, and the solution won’t have to get past any little leg hairs.
– Exfoliate your skin. We carry a body scrub in our salons that is perfect for this. When you exfoliate your skin, this knocks off any dead skin cells that will shed off and take your lovely sunless tan with it.
– Don’t apply moisturizer after you shower. This will allow your skin to soak in the solution easier, and in a more even manner.
– Use the prep gel. This will balance your skin’s pH levels, and ensure a perfect, flawless sunless tan.
– Have the Tanning Consultant help you choose your color. They are trained in helping you get the best tan possible and will be able to give you great guidance on this.

So to have the perfect sunless tan, just follow those steps. And if you have any questions, reach out to us on our Facebook, Twitter or MySpace pages.

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