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Style Squad Blogger: Heart of a Blonde

Five years ago, I purchased the chunkiest Gap knit sweater I could find. I am a true baby when it comes to cold weather, so my primary instinct is to find as many thick sweaters as I can to keep me warm through the winter. What I’ve always loved about this sweater, though, is it’s ability to stand alone {well, on days higher than 35 degrees that is}. It serves as a fall “coat” yet can easily be paired with a number of items in my closet. It is truly a closet favorite of mine, especially for fall. I think it’s best paired with a slouchy tee, a pair of pixie pants, and my favorite tall cognac boots. Fall dressing is really that easy sometimes. I struggle with staying warm in fall/winter just like my skin struggles to retain any ounce of color during this season. This fall was the first time I ever tried sunless tanning, and I have to say, I was quite nervous going into it. {I mean, who doesn’t think they’re going to end up like Ross on FRIENDS?!} The experiences I’ve had now with sunless tanning have definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s such a quick and easy process, but you still leave the salon feeling like something is new and different in a good way. Although the pictures don’t do my most recent spray tan justice, I am lov-ing how just a little bit of warmth + color to my skin is giving me a huge boost when it comes to getting dressed. Consider me hooked on sunless tanning as a way of holding onto a little bit of warmth through the frigid Wisconsin winter.


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