Vicki’s Christmas Wish List

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I know I am the Santa of Sun Tan City, but I’m writing the REAL Santa to see if he’ll gift me with some of my favorite things from our salons. I wanted to share the list with you in case you didn’t know about some of the new products available at all locations.

Dearest Santa,

I have been a great girl this year and am not asking for much. This year I’d love to have a bottle of our new “It’s a 10” hair product. This miracle hair conditioning spray is great for detangling, smoothing, conditioning, and hydrating my hair. And as you may know, I’m attempting to grow it out, so I need all the help I can get!


There is another hair product I just have to add to my life, it is the Wet Brush which is good for detangling my hair. Healthy hair is a characteristic everyone wants and I’d love to say bye-bye to tangle breakage with this wonderful brush!


As you know, I am an OPI girl and I have my eyes on the “Spring 2014 Brazil Collection.”  I know its early, but I want to be sure to request that I get at least one of each color … A girl has to have options for which color will compliment my golden tan. And since I wear a lot of white and black to compliment my tan, I love these bold colors to accent my outfits. I’ll be dreaming of them until they arrive.

Brazil Collection By OPI 12.jpg

And last but definitely not least, I would love to have a gift card to purchase some of my favorite tanning lotions and tan extenders. I love JWOWW, Shea You Love Me, Girlfriend Sexy, Phoenician, Aloe There, and Hempz Tan Extender… The list could go on forever so a gift card will make it simple for you.

I’ll be sure to leave out your favorite cookies with a glass of milk to show my appreciation for you! I know you’re very busy this night and need a sweet treat to keep you going!

Thanks, Santa!

Merry Christmas,


PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly. http://www.bebrighttanning.org/

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