Very Lucky to Be at Sun Tan City

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Nearly 11 years ago I walked into a Sun Tan City as a customer and walked out with a job offer. Who would have thought a friendly conversation with a man in the lobby during my wait time would turn into my career? Not me, but here I am 11 years later, still working for Sun Tan City and still loving what I do. 

As I drove home that day I had a lot of thoughts going through my head. Was this a career change I wanted to make? Can this man really know enough about me in 10 minutes to know if I will be successful? Do I want to start over in a lower-level management position and begin the climb all over again? After really thinking it through I decided “why not,” and I accepted the position. What did I have to lose?

Within just a few weeks of taking my new position as an Assistant Salon Director, I fell in love. Not only did I love what I was doing, but I loved the people that I was doing it with. From the very beginning Sun Tan City felt like a family to me, which was exactly what I had been looking for. As a result, I threw myself into my new position, and boy did it pay off. Within just two months I was promoted to Salon Director, and then four months later to District Manager, but it wasn’t just my hard work that landed me the promotions. It was also the time and dedication that those around me took to develop me to my full potential as a retail manager, and those same people take that time and attention to continue my development to this day.

I consider myself very lucky to have walked into the Frankfort Sun Tan City in December 2004. Not only did I begin a career that day, but after nearly five years in the working world I had finally found a home. To this day, when I cross paths with Rick (the CEO), he will take the time to ask me about my family, not how much revenue my area is driving or what I am doing to better my market, and to me that speaks volumes about the type of company that Sun Tan City truly is.

– Region Manager Tabatha Lykins

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