Using Your Tanning Lotion Outside

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Did you know that you can use the tanning lotion you purchase at Sun Tan City inside and outside to achieve and maintain that golden tan all of us work so hard to for? All of the tanning lotions we sell can be used outdoors and I recommend that you use sunscreen along with it to prevent sunburn. If you plan to be outside all day enjoying your time in the sunshine, simply reapply your lotion every few hours.

A few tips and tricks to consider:

  • Choose a tanning lotion best suited for your skin. Lotions that contain shea or cocoa as an ingredient can be good for extra moisturizing. Or choose a bronzing lotion if you need an extra boost.
  • Tingle lotions are very popular for indoor tanning. But I wouldn’t recommend using them outdoors because they are heat activated and ultra-violet rays bring blood closer to the skin, they can be extremely irritating to sensitive skin.

If you use any of your Sun Tan City products outside this summer, be sure to take a picture of them and send your photo to me on social media! I’d love to see what you’re up to and what tanning products you’re using!

Remember, our lotions will help to increase your tan! They do nothing to prevent burning, so if you use them outside you will want to utilize and SPF and reapply it as necessary.

xo, Vicki


  1. sharlyne

    I have a good base tan. Now would like to get darker. What lotion would you suggest for using outside?

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