If I Use a Tanning Lotion, Do I Need a Tan Extender? 

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Absolutely! Think about tanning lotions and tan extenders like your favorite shampoo and conditioner combo. They both have very important purposes individually, but they work better together. Using an indoor tanning lotion not only helps to support color development up to 70% better on every visit, but the products at STC are also jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients the skin loses during the UV tanning process. Don’t stop there, though: The trick to achieving a flawless tan is protecting and preserving it at home with a great tan-extending body lotion, body wash or shave product. 

Your tan extender is just like a great conditioner for your hair, but for your tan instead! A tan extender will condition the skin for better tanning results, while nourishing with essential vitamins and nutrients. Tan extenders also help lock in your color for a longer-lasting tan, and several of the ones we offer at Sun Tan City are rich with caffeine and other skin-firming ingredients for a smooth finish. While you may already have a favorite moisturizer, body wash or shaving product at home, they lack the ingredients our specially formulated tan extenders offer to both UV and sunless clients.

Check out a few of our clients’ favorites to protect and prolong your color in between your visits:

  • No Apologies Shave Lotion: Antioxidant-rich super-fruits combined with Passion Fruit and Sea Buckthorn Berries condition, protect and soothe the skin while shaving. This shave lotion is enriched with caffeine-packed Coffee Bean Extract and Shave Minimizers! It’s also sulfate-free to protect the results of both UV and sunless tans.
  • Aloe There Tan Extender: Nut-, gluten-, paraben- and silicone-free, this extender is designed for especially for sensitive skin. It’s also enhanced with color boosters to prepare the skin for dark color while extending your tan.
  • Tiny Bubbles Body Wash/Bubble Bath: Mild skin cleansers infused with natural oils leave skin soft, hydrated and radiant. The crushed pineapple and coconut fragrance is perfect for creating a rich scented lather in the shower, or drizzle under warm water for a luxurious bubble bath!

P.S. Be bright, please tan responsibly!


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