Upgrade to Try Something New!

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It happens to the best of us: We get stuck into a pattern of doing the same old thing week in and week out. We get comfortable and become afraid to try new things. Well, I’m challenging you Club Sun members this month to buy upgrades and try a new level of tanning. When you try something new, even as small as a new sunbed or sunless booth, you expand your comfort zone, which can make other day-to-day challenges seem less significant.

Our upgrade pricing is available to ALL active Club Sun members and there is no expiration date!

Fast, Faster and Fastest Sunbed Upgrade Package Options:
– $50 prepaid upgrades + $25 free
– $100 prepaid upgrades + $100 free
– $50 Sunless upgrades + $25 free

Instant and Sunless Member Upgrade Package Options:
– $50 Versa upgrades + $50 Free

Product Discounts:
– 10%s off products on the day you buy the upgrade

If you have questions, please send me a private message on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page!

Happy Tanning,


PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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