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Life can be so hectic, we are always on the go and sometimes we lose our debit or credit cards. When instances in life like that happen it can be so stressful just updating accounts that are tied to it … Sometimes we forget to update our Sun Tan City account or other similar accounts. We realize this and have taken a new approach to assist you in making this aspect of your life a bit easier.

Now when you update your account with your checking account number on your account, the amount of your monthly Club Sun Membership will be withdrawn automatically. When you do this, we will automatically place $25 in upgrades on your account.

Not only are you simplifying your life a bit, you are receiving an extra perk that will benefit that golden glow you would like to achieve or maintain.

Be sure to ask one of our expert tanning consultants at your local salon for any advice on the questions you may have.


Have a great day and enjoy the visits!


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