Unfreeze to Purchase Member Upgrades

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Summer is almost over so it is time for you to unfreeze your Club Sun Membership and take advantage of our upgrade promotions! There isn’t a better way for you to keep that bronzed glow than with our sunbeds and sunless booths.

Here is a listing of all the Upgrade promotions going on now:

  1. Active Fast, Faster, and Fastest Club Sun Members can purchase $50 sunbed upgrades and receive $100 in sunbed upgrades for FREE!
  2. Active Fast, Faster, Fastest, and Instant Club Sun Members can purchase $50 in sunless upgrades and receive $25 in sunless upgrades for FREE!
  3. If you are an Instant or Sunless Club Sun Member but do not have the “Inclusive” status, you can purchase $50 in Versa upgrades and you will receive $50 FREE!

And to make this upgrade purchase a bit sweeter, you can also purchase tanning products for 10 percent OFF on the day you purchase these upgrades!

Don’t forget, these are only available to active Club Sun Members so unfreeze today!

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