Unfreeze And Save!

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If you’re a frozen Club Sun Member, be sure to contact Client Services now till December 15th and you will receive a special offer to reactivate your membership with Sun Tan City!

Beginning in September, frozen Club Sun Members may have received an email indicating that you can reactivate your membership for up to half off their regular Club Sun Membership rate!  Since this is very special promotion, frozen clients can only take advantage of the special pricing by calling the Client Services Department at 1-877-362-1097.

As a gift when you unfreeze your Club Sun Membership, you will receive a product offer where you can save 33 percent off a one-time purchase or upgrades on your membership.

Don’t forget that when you unfreeze, you can upgrade to another level of tanning by changing your membership level or by purchasing upgrades. If you’ve forgotten about the levels of tanning offered at Sun Tan City, take a quick Tour of the City with my bestie Jason.  *EMBED YouTube Tour Video:

Hurry in and thaw out your membership! You only have until December 15th to unfreeze and save!

Happy Unfreezing,


PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.


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