Understanding the Tanning Process

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It’s just tanning, right? Wrong. While tanning may seem very simple conceptually, there’s actually a lot of science to it! Rather than boring you with a biology lesson, here’s what you need to know. During the tanning process, there are two different types of Ultraviolet rays used: UVA and UVB. UVA, most commonly known as the bronzing ray, is the longest wavelength and is responsible for deepening the color of your tan. UVB, or the reddening ray, is shorter in wavelength and is the main cause of reddening on the skin’s surface.

So now that we’ve established the difference between UVA and UVB, let’s apply this to our sunbeds:

  • Our “Fast Sunbeds” contain a high amount of UVB, or the reddening ray.
  • Our “Faster Sunbeds” or stand-up booths also contain a high amount of UVB, and most come equipped with facial bronzers.
  • Our “Fastest Sunbeds” offer a blend of UVB and UVA, giving you that golden glow with a touch of the pink color you’d see from spending time in the sun. Since it’s a blend of both types of UV rays, this sunbed will help you build a base tan in about 4-7 sessions.
  • Our “Instant Sunbeds” are mostly UVA, which will give you a golden glow with minimal reddening.

Both UVA and UVB are important parts of the tanning process. Switch up your sunbed routine for a boost in color and avoid the plateau. Don’t forget, Club Sun Members receive discounts on upgrades and half-price weekends!

Happy Tanning!

– Jason


  1. Debra Cox

    I love the sunless tan , I hadn’t tried it until this year.

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