Take a Tour of the City!

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The more you learn and experience in life, the more your preferences will expand. Sun Tan City wants to help you learn and experience all we have to offer for the new year and to do that, we are offering you a special promotion where you can ‘Tour the City’ and tan in each level we offer: Fast, Faster, Fastest, Instant and Sunless. Five visits for a great low price of $9.99 (plus tax, of course). We will also reward our tourists with a 10% product discount the day you purchase to help you prepare for this venture!

We realize that sometimes our clients may only tan in the beds they are familiar with, so this will allow you to tan at five different levels: Fast, Faster, Fastest, Instant and Sunless. This tour is a short one however; it will only be on your account for 14 days from the date you purchase it in your favorite Sun Tan City location. So maximize your results and get your tan on within those two weeks!

This special event will only take place this month, starting today, January 1st and will end on Thursday, January 31st. This is available to all of our clients at all of our salon locations. Be sure to visit us today so you can experience all that we have to offer to help you shine this New Year! Happy Tanning!


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