Tour of the City: A Sweet Escape and a Sweet Deal!

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With the holidays behind us, who isn’t looking for an escape from all of the chaos? Now that you are free from ugly sweater parties and traveling to see friends and family, take a break and escape to Sun Tan City for a little “me time!” Although a trip to the beach or a cruise would be fabulous, holiday spending may have put that on hold till summer. No worries, though. Let us help! To kick off 2015 with a fresh glow and some extra money in your pocket, book your Tour of the City at any Sun Tan City salon for $9.99 or online at for only $4.99 and escape to your own private spot in the sun.

Never taken a Tour of the City before? Allow me to be your tour guide! A Tour of the City is a 5-visit package, including 1 visit in each of the following levels:

Fast: Our best value for getting your base tan and keeping it!

Faster: 2-3 times better results than the Fast level. The Faster sunbed is a popular option for clients looking to build a base tan and most Faster sunbeds come with facial bronzing lamps. Most salons also offer a Faster stand-up option, perfect for evening out any hard-to-tan spots.

Fastest: 3-5 times better results than the Fast level. This sunbed will help you achieve a base tan in only 4-7 sessions, and then you can maintain your color in only 1-2 visits a week. This sunbed has the perfect blend of bronzing and reddening rays to give you that golden glow with a touch of in-the-sun pink.

Sunless Inclusive: The UV-free, private booth will allow you to become up to 5 shades darker in just 1 visit. Offering the newest solutions in the market, our sunless tan will help even out complexions (like a CC cream for the body!) and provide a more natural glow without the odor! When cared for properly, a sunless tan may last up to a week.

Instant: 5-10 times better results than the Fast level. This sunbed will give you the perfect base tan in only 2-3 visits, and then you can maintain that color with sessions only 2-4 times a month. Our Instant sunbed produces mostly bronzing rays and will help minimize the reddening of the skin. Pair it with a sunless visit to make it a Double-Dip!

Happy Tanning! Hurry in, this offer is only available the month of January 2015!


P.S. Be bright. Please tan responsibly.

*One Tour of the City per client, per year

**All visits must be redeemed within 14 days of purchase

***NonMembers, Current Members, and Frozen can purchase the TOTC

****The $4.99 and $9.99 Tour of the City offer is only available January 1-31, 2015


  1. Joe Bingham

    I want to try all beds

  2. Teresa Gray

    I love sun tan city.

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