Top Ten Tanning Lotions

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With so many tanning lotions to choose from, it can leave you stumped on which one to purchase. I love knowing what my friends are using. Whenever they have a great tan, I need the DEETS on which lotion they use and what they like about it.

It would be impossible to ask each of you for your advice, so instead I have pulled the top ten sellers. Here are Sun Tan City’s most popular lotions right now:

(Drumroll please…)

  1. Conceited
  2. JWOWW One and Done
  3. JWOWW
  4. Smile You’re Darker
  5. Girlfriend Sexy Bronzer
  6. Fig Get Me Not
  7. Girlfriend Sexy Pure
  8. Shea You Love Me
  9. Blend Alpha Male
  10. Splurge

Wonder what makes these tanning lotions so popular? Be sure to ask one of our expert Tanning Consultants for their advice on any of the products we offer at Sun Tan City!

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