Top 10 Reasons I Love Working At Sun Tan City

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Top 10 Reasons I Love Working At Sun Tan City 

My top 10 “Yay” list is some of my favorite things about working here at Sun Tan City — not including my paycheck to cover the bills … 🙂

  1. As a manager I get to mold individuals into wonderful employees. Whether they stay with Sun Tan City or continue on somewhere else, it is a rewarding feeling to know that I was able to make an impact on a person’s work ethic. Most of our employees are younger college students or high school students who really don’t know what to expect so it is wonderful to say that I helped in their guidance.
  2. The people I work with is a major one. While it is difficult to find solid employees, when you get that great staff in your salon and everything is flowing correctly, it makes your day run so much smoother.
  3. The family feel. I feel like my staff is a family in a sense. We work together, we succeed together and we fail together. My staff is great at picking each other up and helping where they can. Not as a “you owe me” but simply because they want to help. Not only in the salon but elsewhere, too. I find comfort in calling some Salon Directors my friends and being able to turn to them for advice without judgment or negative vibes.
  4. The ability to grow has been a big reward for me. It is always a good feeling to know that your efforts have not been unnoticed and you are rewarded with a promotion. When I first started, I was an 18-year-old college student not really sure what I wanted to do with my life. I quickly was promoted and never would have guessed I would be here for five years and counting.
  5. An understanding boss has gained major points with me. You often see these television shows and how they paint management to be these awful creatures and that is not the case at Sun Tan City. When life happens it’s great to talk to a boss who understands that and works with you to come up with a solution.
  6. Being an outlet. While sometimes we get the not-so-nice side of being someone’s “scream to” outlet, it’s the ones we make a connection with that make it worth it. A lot of times our clients will open our eyes and tell us their stories and struggles. It is rewarding to know that we can be an ear to someone when they just need someone to listen.
  7. Not only do you learn work ethic here but you also learn life lessons. When dealing with the public and a lot of different walks of life, you find yourself learning all types of life lessons. Don’t judge a book by its cover, never assume, and always stay humble are different life lessons that can be learned throughout any given workday.
  8. It is no surprise that I am a very loud and outgoing individual. It is great to have a job where I am able to be the social butterfly that I am and talk to everyone who walks in the door and make people laugh and smile.
  9. The bonuses are always an extra yay for me! I know that when my store does well and we end in good numbers, it is rewarding to see that hard work pay off in an extra check at the end of the month. Who doesn’t love extra cash?
  10. This company has a plethora of resources to seek help. At a previous employer I had a limited number of people I could either talk to or get to notice me. Here at Sun Tan City you have an endless number of outlets to go to if you need help. For employees that is comforting to see in a business.

– Salon Director Madison Thacker

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