The Difference Between Bronzer and Tingle Tanning Lotions

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Indoor tanning lotions make a huge impact on the depth of your tan, but also in how long it lasts. One mistake people make when they first start to tan is they don’t use indoor tanning lotion, and they can have a hard time getting their skin to tan. They may notice their skin doesn’t tan as quickly in a tanning bed as it would in the sun.

When you use an indoor tanning lotion, it keeps your skin moisturized. And moisturized skin tans better. There are many different types of indoor tanning lotions. Some have bronzers in them, and some have tingles. Now what are these?

Think of bronzers as a little bit of tint that’s added to your lotion. The bronzers will put a little bit of color on your skin so you appear to be tanner than what you actually are. This type of lotion is great for someone who is working on building a tan.

Tingle lotions are for the more advanced tanner. After you tan for a while, you can reach a tanning plateau. Tingle lotions are often used to break through this plateau and take you to another level of tan. The way tingle lotions work is it is specially formulated to make your skin warm. When this happens, blood is raised to the surface of your skin and you tan easier. If you haven’t used a tingle lotion before, we suggest you apply the lotion to a small area of your body to test it out. Some people love tingle lotions, however some people find that it’s uncomfortable.

So if you’re interested in any of these lotions, talk to your Tanning Consultant about a great lotion choice.

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