Tanning Tip: Bumping Up Your Base

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We’re here to help give your base tan a little TLC! And when it comes to bumping up your bronze, there are two easy ways to achieve your tanning goals: switch tanning beds and/or swap lotions.

Just like the rest of your body, your skin responds best when you switch things up! When you start a new diet, you get the best results when you eat a balanced variety of foods. When it comes to working out, the same applies. Just like with diet and exercise, your skin gets used to the tanning bed, which makes your base tan plateau after tanning in the same bed, with the same lotion even after only a few visits.

If you have been tanning in the same type of bed, like our fast bed, and you’ve noticed that you aren’t getting a richer glow, try upgrading to the faster or instant bed to break past your tanning plateau. The same applies even if you tan in our Instant bed. Your body needs variety!

It may also be time to try a new tanning lotion. Each type of indoor tanning lotion (bronzers, tingles and intensifiers) are designed to produce different results for your skin. Try switching types, rather than brands, of lotion, to get improved results when tanning. And during our Lotion Trade-In event is the perfect time to grab a new bottle.

For more recommendations on how to boost your base, talk to one of our Tanning Consultants at your local tanning salon. They will be able to give you specific recommendations on how to break through your own tanning plateau. Happy Tanning!


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