Tanning Product Tips and Tricks

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The first and most important tip to give you is to always be sure to speak with a tanning consultant at your favorite Sun Tan City salon about what products are best for your skin type and will give your skin its maximum results. Since we all have different skin types and possible allergies to ingredients, it is best to get their expert advice before making your purchase.

We offer five different categories of lotion to provide the perfect lotion for all of our client’s preferences.

  1. Pure lotions are wholesome products that develop your tan naturally without many embellishments.
  2. Bronzer lotions; we offer two kinds of bronzers, some have DHA as an ingredient and the others will not. DHA is an ingredient in sunless tanning products and bronzers and is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. DHA bronzers will boost your color while the natural tan is developing. Natural bronzer lotions that do not contain DHA are purely cosmetic.
  3. Warming lotions contain special skin warming ingredients. This lotion is great if you want that all-over warming sensation without the tingling sensation.
  4. Hot Action lotions increase the micro-stimulation of the skin, increasing oxygenation. This helps to speed up the tanning process. When clients use a hot action product they will feel itchy and have some reddening of the skin which should subside after about an hour.
  5. Blush products stimulate the skin and help bring the color to the surface of your skin for an immediate blushed glow.

All of our tanning lotions will prevent fine lines and wrinkles with anti-aging and firming properties. They will also enhance tanning results by helping you to tan up to 70% faster! Don’t forget to purchase one of our fabulous tan extenders; moisturized skin will hold a tan much longer than dry skin.

Again, if you have any additional questions, drop by your favorite Sun Tan City tanning salon and one of our expert Tanning Consultants can help you pick which lotion works best for you. This month’s product promotion will give you a free gift with purchase and we have a special on our Blend Fresh Tan Extender! Hurry in!! Happy ‘Moisturized’ Tanning!


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