Tanning Prep 101: EXMITT

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It’s no secret I love trying out new products and sharing my results with all my friends! Lucky for me, I was given the chance to try out an exciting new product that is perfect for all Sun Tan City clients, especially those who are always on the go! EXMITT is a convenient one-time-use product developed not only to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, but also prep it for an all-over even sunless or UV tan.

So you’re probably wondering how it works. It’s pretty simple! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Tear along the dotted line of the package.

Insert your hand into the mitt. The mitt and packaging will be saturated, but this is normal.


3. Remove the packaging from your hand.


4. In circular motions, apply the product to your skin. Your skin will dry quickly as the product is aloe-based. The moisture will apply a boost in amino acids helping enhance the DHA reaction. Switch hands when necessary and dispose of the mitt after use.


Note: If you’re Double-Dipping, you don’t have to apply another prep product. Advanced tanners may choose to reapply for superior results, but it’s not necessary.

So why will you love it as much as me?

  • Convenience! No longer will you hesitate to make your session a Double-Dip because you didn’t have a chance to shower and exfoliate.
  • As you apply the product in a circular motion, it will remove any leftover sunless color remnants that may still be on the skin from previous sunless sessions!
  • EXMITT is aloe-based, which will help to hydrate and moisturize the skin before your UV or sunless session, ensuring superior color.
  • Amino acids are essential in the sunless process. The liquid formula boosts amino acid levels to maximize color while decreasing development time!
  • Whether you’re prepping for a UV or sunless session, you’ll see dramatic boosts in color by exfoliating with EXMITT at least once a week prior to your session.
  • Odor inhibitors eliminate UV and sunless odors instead of just covering them up.
  • For a spa-like treatment, store it in your fridge before coming to the salon.

It’s only $9.99! Try it out and let me know how much you love EXMITT by writing a comment below.

Shine Bright!


PS- Be Bright. Please tan responsibly.

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