Tanning FAQ: Why Join Club Sun?

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Taking time for ourselves: sometimes, we don’t do it enough. We all need time to unwind. We all need to feel beautiful. That’s why at Sun Tan City, we love helping our members find their own “fifteen minutes of fabulous.”

That’s why we love Club Sun! Being a Club Sun member means that you’re taking the time to invest in your beauty, rejuvenation, and, most of all, your glow!

Why become a Club Sun Member? You’ll enjoy all the benefits of tanning at Sun Tan City; that means tanning when you want, for a low monthly rate. Fabulous! But as a member of Club Sun, you get more than tanning time. Discounted upgrades, exclusive member tanning specials, and lotion discounts are only a few of the perks. Best of all, you’ll have a perfect way to keep your bronzed tan (and stay warm even during the winter chill) all year long!

And now, it’s easy to try Club Sun for the rest of the year. This month, we have amazing Tan ’til the End of the Year packages. For just $49, you can get a Fast Bed membership. And if you want something more powerful, there are packages for our other beds, too!

If you want to know more about becoming a Club Sun Member, visit our Membership FAQ page, or stop by your favorite Sun Tan City tanning salon. We hope to welcome you to our “Club” soon!


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