Tanning FAQ: How Can I Prolong My Tan?

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Nothing can make you feel more confident and attractive than a beautiful, long-lasting tan. And at Sun Tan City, we want you to maintain your bronzed glow. All it takes is a few easy steps!

Before you head to Sun Tan City, be sure to exfoliate. During a tanning session, the light affects the top layer of skin. This top layer only lasts between six to ten days, which means that having the freshest skin possible will mean keeping your tan longer. Use a light exfoliating body wash in your morning shower, and you’ll be one step closer to a long-lasting tan.

Moisturizing before and after tanning is also a must to prolong your tan. And while moisturized skin tans better than dry skin, skip your after-shower lotion on a day you plan to tan. Chemicals in your daily moisturizers may interact with those in your tanning lotion causing and uneven tan. We don’t want to rob your skin of extra moisturizing though, so ask your tanning consultant about our line of tanning lotions designed to maximize and prolong your tan. After you tan, apply an after-tan lotion or tan extender. Keeping your freshly tanned skin moisturized is key to keeping your new tan as long as possible. And at Sun Tan City, we have plenty of great tan extenders to choose from.

If you have more questions on how to keep your tan around long after visiting Sun Tan City, see one of our Tanning Consultants or check our FAQ section. Happy tanning!


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