New FAQ: The Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Tanning

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What is the difference between indoor & outdoor tanning?

Control. Indoor tanning allows you total control over the amount of UV and the type of UV your skin is exposed to. When you tan outdoors, you can’t control any of it. Time of day, geographic location, season, and weather, are all variable elements which means your outdoor tan is unpredictable. At Sun Tan City we promote “Smart Tanning” and the golden rule is to get a great tan every time-and to never, ever burn. Outdoors, skin is exposed to a blend of ultraviolet light (UV) that causes an effect within your cells that is defined as sun tanning. The results of this natural process can run the gamete. You could get a great golden glow one day and the next be peeling and red. It’s not fun to put your skin through that process.

With indoor sun tanning at Sun Tan City tanning salons, both the amount of UV and the type of UV your skin is exposed to can be strictly controlled. Controlled and responsible exposure, preventative and nourishing skin care products, state-of-the art tanning equipment, and expert staff education makes indoor sun tanning at Sun Tan City the most control over your body’s natural tanning process you can get.

For additional research-supported information on the risks and benefits of indoor tanning, please visit our tanning resources page.

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