Top New FAQs from Sun Tan City – Can You Tan If You Are Pregnant?

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Each month we’ll bring you new frequently asked questions that our Sun Tan City tanning experts receive from clients just like you. If you have a specific question you’d like to have us answer publically, please feel free respond to any of our blog posts or write your question to us on Facebook. That way, we can share the questions and our knowledge with others tanning connoisseurs just like you!

First up this month – Can you tan if you are pregnant?

It is best to talk to your OBGYN directly to discuss what he or she thinks is the best option for you and your baby. At Sun Tan City we work hard to develop a clean, safe and knowledgeable environment for our clients. We’re happy to work with you to develop a safe and comfortable tanning solution during your pregnancy!

We’ll be bringing you new Q & A’s monthly, but in the meantime, feel free to send us a note on Facebook or talk to your local tanning consultant directly. We’re always available to help a client in need!

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