Tanning Equipment 101: The Fast Tan

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When you tan in a sun bed, you want to be sure that you’re using the best equipment possible to get and maintain your healthy, bronzed glow. And at Sun Tan City, you can have the confidence that you’re tanning in only the best beds.

Our introductory sun bed, the Fast Tanning Bed, is ideal for customers who want to build or bump up their base tan. These beds may not be as powerful or produce the same instant, bronzed glow as our higher-power beds, but they are a budget-friendly way to help you meet your tanning goals.

Fast beds also give Sun Tan City guests a long, relaxing, 20-minute tanning session. It’s the perfect way to slowly build your tan while taking the time you need to relax. Plus, the high-quality lamps used in our Fast bed will help you develop a deep, even glow over time.

No matter your tanning preferences, goals, or needs, Sun Tan City has a bed that’s right for you. For more information on our Fast Bed or any of our other sun beds, visit our Tanning Equipment page or stop by your favorite Sun Tan City tanning salon. Happy Fast Tanning!


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