Tanning Equipment 101: The Faster Tan

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Looking for a more intense tan than the fast tan you’re used to? Next time you stop by Sun Tan City, try a bed with a little more power: the faster sun bed!

Not only is this bed a little roomier than the traditional fast sun bed, but it packs two to three times the strength of a fast sun bed. The higher intensity of this session also decreases your tan time to a max of 15 minutes instead of the usually 20, saving you time in our salon!

You will also see the results you are looking for faster (pun intended). Why? The higher power of the bed coupled with super bronzing rays gets you a more golden tan than a typical fast tan visit.

Tanning in a faster sun bed is a great option if you’re looking for a rich, even base tan, in less time. We hope that next time you stop by Sun Tan City, you’ll enjoy your new, more powerful faster tan.

If you have any more questions about our faster sun bed, or any of our sun beds, feel free to ask one of our Tanning Consultant experts. And, as always, happy tanning!

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