Tanning Consultant Tips: Our 5 Favorite Sunless Tanning Tips

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At Sun Tan City, we love Sunless Tanning, and we want to provide the best Sunless experience to you, our customers. Here are our five favorite Sunless Tanning tips, just for you.


  1. Keep your skin moisturized. Moisturized skin tans better both in a tanning bed and in a Sunless Tanning booth. Your skin has many layers, and every few days, these layers shed, revealing fresh skin. However, when your skin is well moisturized, each layer will last longer making your tan glow for days.
  2. Prep your skin for Sunless. Before you enjoy your sunless tanning session, be sure to exfoliate using a textured scrub or polishing towel in the shower. This will leave the freshest skin possible for your tan. Also, make sure you shave your legs before hopping in the Sunless Booth. Shaving after your sunless tan could cause your tan to become uneven, and no one wants that!
  3. Take the time to explore your sunless options. Like with makeup and other beauty products, you have options when visiting a Sunless Tanning booth. Do you want a light, medium, or dark sunless tan? Would you like to add a moisturizing spray? Are you going to use prep gel? With many decisions to make about your sunless tanning trip, be sure to ask our tanning consultants which products or sprays will be right for your skin tone and tanning goals.
  4. Tan at the right time. Have a date in an hour? Getting ready to hit them gym or the pool? Well, now’s not the right time to get a Sunless tan. When you are planning for a sunless tan, you need to make sure that your skin won’t get wet for at least 4-6 hours. Also, you should avoid wearing tight clothing or applying makeup, if possible. All of these could smear or streak your tan, and we want you to have the most even, deepest sunless tan possible. So when you’re thinking about heading to Sun Tan City for a Sunless visit, be prepared to avoid these activities for a few hours.
  5. And our favorite tip: Enjoy a Sun Tan City Double Dip! The Double Dip is one of the best ways to see instant results. First, step into our Instant Bed, the fastest way to a beautiful tan, then enjoy a moisturizing trip to our Sunless Tanning system. And believe us, this Double Dip trip will give you a great, dark tan in just one session!

Now that you are armed with the best Sunless Tanning tips, we hope you stop by and enjoy a Sunless Tanning session (or Double Dip) at Sun Tan City. Happy sunless tanning!


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