Tanning Consultant Rock Stars

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Our employees set us apart from any other tanning salon. Not only are our ladies and gents friendly, but also they go through rigorous training to become an accredited Tanning Consultant.

Our Tanning Consultants have to pass all of these indoor tanning knowledge areas:

  • Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Salon Sanitization Policies and Procedures
  • Proper Skin Typing
  • Client Service Excellence
  • Skin Care Principles and Procedures
  • State Tanning Regulations
  • Tanning Lotion Benefits and Options
  • Benefits of Indoor Tanning
  • Sunless Tanning Principles and Procedures

It’s a lot of information, but Sun Tan City wants to offer our clients the best tanning experience possible. After all, knowledge is power. And our Tanning Consultants are armed with anything and everything they may need to know to help you get the best tan possible. Whether it’s how to clean the beds so they are working at top performance, or which lotion is going to work the best to get the tanning results you want – Sun Tan City Tanning Consultants have it under control.

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