Tanlines, No More!

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Going to the beach or lake is relaxing, but who has time to lie outside for hours at a time? Not to mention the tan lines you develop from it … I’m totally not into it! It wouldn’t be so bad if the tanlines came in the winter when I’m all covered up, but the summer is the time to show a bit more skin.

Summer styles tend to show off your shoulders and back which can be distracting when you have white lines all over. To combat these tanlines, I recommend that you tan in one of our sunbeds as an alternative to tanning outdoors. If you develop a deep tan while you’re outdoors, there are a few tricks to cover those tanlines up.

  1. When you start tanning in our sunbeds as an attempt to get rid of your tanlines, be sure you apply bronzer tanning lotion to your skin in the areas where your skin was covered in an attempt to even out the two skin tones.
  2. Or, if you would like to cover it with a sunless tanner, I recommend using any of our sunless take-home spray bottles. Simply apply the sunless solution to a cotton ball and apply it to your skin in the areas you wish to make darker to match your tan skin.
  3. I do not recommend tanning in a sunless booth to even out your tanlines because it will darken your skin that is already tanned which defeats the purpose of evening out your skin tone.

One last tip that I wanted to give about tanning outdoors would be that you can use your indoor tanning lotion that you purchase at Sun Tan City outside all summer! If you are tanning outside this month with one of our lotions, be sure to post it to our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Don’t forget that our tanning lotions do not contain SPF since they are accelerators. Be sure to use your SPF if you need it.

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