Tan Your Man for Father’s Day

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We all gush about how much we love Sun Tan City and how we come there to escape for a mini beach vacation as frequently as we can… So, let’s share the love we have for Sun Tan City with the men in our lives. From gift cards to tanning lotion, Sun Tan City has you covered for all things to Tan Your Man this month and possibly the rest of the year!

Do you remember my post from last week about Tan ‘Til the End of the Year? If not, let me give you a refresher. Tan in our Fast level for only $99, Faster for $199, Fastest for $299, Instant for $399 and/or you can purchase a Sunless membership for prices that will range between $299 and $499; pricing can vary depending upon availability of the VersaPro in various markets.

Imagine giving your man a gift card that would allow him to Tan ‘Til the End of the Year. It would be like giving him a vacation that he can escape to as frequently as he wishes—well, once a day, of course!

If he already has a Club Sun membership but he’s tired of using one of your tanning lotions because he hates smelling like a girl, get him a bottle of Alpha Male or Chiseled. Both of these products are catered to men and today and tomorrow you can take 30% off either of these products.

Don’t forget that if your man comes in and wants to tan today and tomorrow, he can still take advantage of our Tan Your Man promotion. Any sunbed visit is $10 and it’s $15 for any sunless inclusive visit.

Happy (early) Father’s Day!



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