Tan Times Explained

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Protecting my friends from overexposure to ensure they have the ultimate tanning experience is one of the most important aspects of our friendship. To do that, our expert Tanning Consultants set limits on your tan times. I know that sometimes upsets you, but I promise this is for your protection.

As you know, you should gradually build up your time in our tanning beds in small increments – one to two minutes at a time. We base your tan time on skin tone and carefully test your susceptibility to burning. Once we know that, we go with the suggested times for your skin.

The biggest rule I have for all of my friends is that you do not tan more than one time per day in our tanning beds or sunless booths. If you disagree with me, there is nothing I can do. This is a strict rule, and I won’t allow anyone to bend it. It’s tough love, my friends. But again, these rules are in place for your protection.

I appreciate your understanding of these rules when your Tanning Consultant makes the best decisions for your unique – and beautiful – skin!


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