Tan ‘Til the End of the Year!

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The Tan ‘Til the End of the Year promotion is back and in case you forgot how it works, let me explain this super easy, affordable concept. When you purchase a Tan ‘Til the End of the Year membership you will be able to tan from the day you pay until the last day of the year: December 31, 2013.

Tan in our Fast level sunbed for only $99, Faster sunbed for $199, Fastest sunbed for $299, Instant sunbed for $399 and/or you can purchase a Sunless tanning membership for prices that will range between $299 and $499; pricing can vary depending upon availability of the VersaPro in various markets.

Be sure to check with your favorite Sun Tan City salon for details on pricing. To find out more information about each sun tanning and sunless tanning level we have, watch the video below

xoxo, Vicki

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