Step inside a Sun Tan City salon, and the first thing you’ll notice is how warm and inviting it is. Our contemporary style is sleek and modern, and made with your comfort in mind. No harsh lights and tacky interiors here! We know everyday life is busier than ever, so we go out of our way to make sure we’re more than just a place to tan. Your time in our tan salon should be a chance to unwind and escape.


Ambiance – We hire the friendliest, most pleasant Tanning Consultants we can find, so you will always be warmly greeted at our tan salons. In the background, we keep a simple, relaxing soundtrack playing gently throughout the salon so you’ll have a mellow place to tan. If you prefer your own tunes, some of our beds come with auxiliary inputs to connect your MP3 player.

Cleanliness – Our tan salons are impeccably clean, going above and beyond state-mandated regulations. Our waiting areas are always organized and spotless. Each time a client completes a tanning session, our employees immediately sanitize the room with a high-quality disinfecting spray and a fresh washcloth. This includes everything a client may have touched – the headrest, acrylics over the lamps, even the chair and shelf in the room. We want to be your No. 1 place to tan, so the details are important to us.

Advanced Equipment – Our sunbeds are thoughtfully designed to make you feel warm and comfortable. Learn more about our cutting-edge equipment.

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