Tan ExtendersTan extenders are specialized lotions designed to lengthen the life of your tan. They are made to replenish your skin with some of the moisture, nutrients and vitamins that you may lose while tanning, so they are the best tanning bed lotions to use following your sessions or whenever you need a boost of moisture. Skin that is healthier and more moisturized will hold a tan for much longer.


A tan-extending moisturizer should be applied after every sun tanning visit, no matter your skin type or what stage your tan is currently in. That’s why tan extenders are a no-brainer; it only makes sense to replenish lost nutrients and moisture to extend your tan. It’s also important to use them whenever you need a boost, like after a shower.


Every tan extender has an individual set of benefits. For details about each unique extender’s advantages and help in determining which will be the best tanning bed lotion for your tanning goals, please speak to one of our expert Tanning Consultants at your salon.

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