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I think it is pretty obvious that I’m super social and love getting interactive with all my besties. Some of you may only follow me on Twitter or on Facebook or you may be just as social as I am and you’re following me on every social network. Either way, I appreciate your banter with me because I love knowing how much you love Sun Tan City and the products we sell … And I’ll be honest, it makes my day to help you with your questions or when you tell me about how awesome one of our employees are.

I wanted to share how you can get social with me in this blog post because you may not know where I am posting or how to even find me online. So here’s my super social media breakdown:

  1. Facebook: In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, Facebook is a great way for you to ask me questions by sending me a private message, participate in posts, share pictures you have, et cetera. Be sure to “Like” our page on Facebook so you can do all of the above.
  2. Twitter: This is great for clients that want to do all that you can on Facebook but do so in 140 characters or less. Its ok, I have ADHD too … Look at that sparkly lotion bottle … Anyway, “Follow” me on Twitter
  3. Pinterest: Oh, how I love thee. I love pinning pictures from the salons, products, or of our Style Squad and employees, or of anything that I adore such as quotes, DIY projects and so much more! I love seeing what you’re into when you “Like” the pictures, or re-pin them or even some of my besties share their boards with me. Find me on Pinterest and follow my boards!
  4. Instagram: This is one of my favorite social networks! The reasons why I love this are endless, but here are a few: I love when you all tag me in your posts that show off your fabulous tan or the awesome product that you purchased. But I have to be honest; I’m a bit leery of your selfies in the sunbed. TMI my friends, T.M.I. Back to the positives; I love sharing our products or things I’m into as well. So if you haven’t followed me yet, here is how you can find me:
  5. YouTube: I’ll be honest, I love showcasing all that Sun Tan City has to offer you. From sunbeds and sunless tanning booths to tanning products, I share all that I can to give you the video details of our goods! Be sure to check out my bestie Jason giving you a Tour of the City on our YouTube Channel.

I am also on Vine and a few others that I’m looking into now … There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to be everywhere I want to be, but if you can think of a social network we’re not on that you’d like to see us on, send me a private message on Facebook and tell me all about it!

Thanks again for following me on one or all of the above social networks. If we’re not besties yet, I know we will be very soon!




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