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Super Social Double-Dip Offer!

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Sun Tan City is the only place you’ll find where Double-Dipping is accepted and even encouraged. I’m not talking about food manners; I’m talking about the best way to get a great tan instantly! Our Double-Dip is a special two-part skin-nourishing tanning experience that you just won’t find anywhere else. It will leave you feeling refreshed and vibrant, with a golden bronze tan you can admire instantly!

A Double-Dip at Sun Tan City consists of a sunbed session, immediately followed by a sunless inclusive session. Many clients prefer to use our Instant tanning bed, which has a ‘tan-tastic’ balance of lamps to give you a deep, golden color in just one visit. After your relaxing sunbed session, you’ll go into one of our sunless tanning booths for a one-of-a-kind sunless treat. With the sunless session you have the option of a hydration pass, which I highly recommend so you can see the maximum results from your Double-Dip treat.

CLICK HERE: Hurry and claim this offer soon! I It is only available during the month of May. This insta-glow promo is available to ALL Sun Tan City clients: new clients, non-members and Club Sun members. The only thing you have to do is present your offer image at the time of purchase; smartphone redemption is applicable and your visit must be used that day.

In case you’re new to sunless tanning, here are some of my basic tips for a great sunless tan:

• Prepping for Your Visit:
o Shower and exfoliate
o Do not shave 24 hours prior to visit
o Avoid heavy perfumes and lotions

• Maintaining Your Tan:
o Avoid perspiration
o Do not shower 4-6 hours after visit
o Avoid getting your skin wet

Happy Double-Dipping,


PS – Be Bright. Please tan responsibly.


  1. louann crane

    would love double dip

  2. Kathie Cruise

    double dip

  3. linda lynn

    LOVE Suntan City

  4. gina carlberg

    I would like the double dip offer for $10.00

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