Cure Your Winter Blues

Sun Tan City’s Cure for Your Winter Blues

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When brainstorming about what to write for my first post for Vicki I couldn’t help but notice what is currently going on outside the window of my favorite coffee shop in Indy. Right now it feels like ten degrees, snow is falling, and I can’t remember the last sunny day! Odds are if you live in one of the 19 states Sun Tan City is located, 2014 has welcomed you with bitterly cold winter days too!

Despite the polar vortex, January is the perfect time to get back into the salon where it is always 74 degrees and the sun is always shining. Through January 31st all clients can purchase a Tour of the City for only $14.99 to get back into your tanning routine or get a boost in your glow! The Tour of The City gives you the chance to try all levels of equipment within 14 days, saving you more than $100. The perfect cure to your winter blues and finding your new favorite way to shine.

Don’t forget while spring break may seem like months away, January is the perfect time to start re-building your base tan. Just like toning your body for the beach, a great tan takes time and a consistent routine. Stop by your Sun Tan City to see what’s new for 2014.

Let yourself shine,