Sunbed Hopping at Sun Tan City

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Have you hit your tanning plateau? It happens to the best of us. Lucky for you, there are various sunbeds and sunless booths available at Sun Tan City. Be sure to watch our Tour of the City video with my bestie Jason giving you the deets on all the levels available.

Here’s the skinny on all of our levels:

Our Fast level is our introductory sunbed. The lamps are extremely high-quality and have been carefully selected to help you get a great tan. Many of the Fast sunbeds are used in up to 20-minute sessions. Something great about this bed is that the tan time allows you to have a long, relaxing tanning session.

Our Faster level is a slightly higher intensity sunbed, and it’s about two to three times stronger than the Fast level. This higher intensity makes sessions slightly shorter than those in the Fast sunbed. Overall, the Faster sunbed is a great option for a rich, even base tan with a reasonably faster turnaround time for results.

Our Fastest level is a fabulous way to get a deep base tan in about four to seven sessions, depending upon your skin type. Another fabulous feature is that the tan time in this sunbed is shortened, so if you’re having a busy day but still want to get in and tan, this is a perfect option. The Fastest sunbed is equipped with several upscale features that include a high-pressure facial tanner, shoulder tanners and reflector lamps.

Our Instant level is our highest-intensity and highest-quality sunbed. Sessions can take up to 12 minutes, depending upon preference. Tanners who use this bed can get a dark, natural base tan within two to three sessions, which makes it the absolute fastest way to get a natural, golden brown glow.

Finally, we have our Sunless tanning booths. These amazing tanning booths can give you a glow that can last 4 to 7 days within a matter of minutes. Some of our locations include VersaSpa and / or MyMyst tanning booths. Be sure to check with your favorite Sun Tan City tanning salon for details on their Sunless booths.

Sunbed hopping will give you the results you want in a short—or extended—amount of time. Speak with your Tanning Consultant today; be sure to tell them what levels you believe will fit your lifestyle, budget and tanning goals so they can assist you in planning your fall and winter tan plan so you can look your best for the holidays!


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PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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