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Have you ever reached the end of one of my blogs and wanted more information from someone other than just me? It’s ok, I don’t take it personally, and I’ve wished I could have another voice assist me in delivering the news on promotions and such as well. The Sun Tan City Style Squad is my solution for you. This fabulous group of contributors features advice and tanning tips from bloggers across the nation.

We’ve combed the web for months to find our favorite voices from fashion blogs, beauty blogs, style blogs, really—any blogs. Along the way we found some incredible people with so much to share that we couldn’t help but bring them into the Sun Tan City family.

Check out the current blog list of our growing Style Squad:


A Southern Drawl

Fringe & Lace


Heart of a Blonde

Katalina Girl

Kentucky Blonde

Lou What Wear

Pearls & Twirls

Seersucker & Saddles


Be sure to visit their blogs and read up on their monthly Sun Tan City posts! If you have a blog you’d like to see us in or if you are a blogger, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a private message on the Official Sun Tan City Facebook page.

Have a great day and enjoy all of the blogs!




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