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Have you ever left Sun Tan City and wanted to know what your friends think of a lotion or about a sunless session? The Sun Tan City style squad is all about connecting you with fabulous tanners that share their tanning advice and style tips from across the nation.

Our Style Squad has amazing photos on their blogs which also have their opinions about sunless tanning, Double-Dipping, products, and promotions. They are just like you and I; they love to write about all the same things you and I love to read about. And who doesn’t love tanning and fashion tips?

It’s easy to connect with them on our Pinterest page at:

If you’re a blogger and would like to join our Style Squad, write us at [email protected].

Check out some of our current Style Squad members:

A Southern Drawl

Fringe & Lace


Heart of a Blonde

Katalina Girl

Kentucky Blonde

Lou What Wear

Pearls & Twirls

Seersucker & Saddles


You can also connect with them on our Facebook and Twitter page.

Enjoy reading all of the fabulous blogs!




PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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