Sun Tan City is Marching for Babies

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You’ve probably heard of the March of Dimes. But have you heard of the March for Babies? Sun Tan City has! It’s a charitable effort that gives back to the local community by helping fund support options for premature babies, as well as research to help better understand and address issues that keep babies from leading full, healthy lives.

Through the end of April, every Sun Tan City salon location will be selling March of Dimes flyers to help support this amazing effort. I encourage you to be generous and pick up a flyer or three the next time you visit Sun Tan City. You’ll not only be helping babies in your community, but you’ll be helping Sun Tan City support babies all over the country. Maybe even worldwide! You’ll never know until you join in.

And if you can’t stop into one of our salons but would still like to make a donation you can make a donation on Sun Tan City’s March for Babies site.

Thanks in advance for your wonderful support!

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