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Stick With Your New Year’s Resolutions!

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How easily we slip back into our daily routines and forget about our New Year’s resolutions. We’re all guilty of it to some extent … well, unless you didn’t have a resolution for the year, but what’s the fun in that? I love a good challenge and always look for ways to motivate myself to strive for my best. Here are some tips I’m going to use that could possibly help you, too!

1) Jan. 1, 2014, was just another day. It’s truly no different than any other day on the calendar. However, the New Year sparks the idea that we can start fresh and have a new beginning, making it a good time to start new routines to make ourselves be and feel better. Rather than try to be a brand new you, take it as a challenge to be the best you, whatever that may include.
2) Tweak your resolutions. If you made lofty resolutions rather than realistic ones, try changing them up a bit to make them more attainable. Accomplishing the little steps can be just as motivating, helping push you to the original resolution eventually. And if you made more than five resolutions, maybe scale those back to just one or two. Little victories are the best.
3) Do you love reading my blog? Maybe start your own or journal your progress. Writing out your progress and setbacks is a great accountability tool.
4) Motivate yourself by using positive language rather than negative. For example, instead of thinking, “I’m too busy to go to the gym,” say to yourself, “I always feel so much better when I make the time to go to the gym.” Focusing on the positive effects is much more motivating than focusing on the negative.
5) Give yourself plenty of time to fully make the adjustments that come with a new routine. Did you know that it takes at least 21 days to make a new habit a routine? After about two months, it should feel much easier to meet your resolution. So even if you’ve fallen behind, you can catch up with your goal now.
6) Rally your troops and get some support! Tell your loved ones and trusted friends about your resolution. They can provide support and keep you focused on your goal. And if you are wavering at all, their support will ensure you don’t give up.
7) Celebrate how amazing you are! Remember to celebrate your successes, but make sure the way you celebrate doesn’t go against your resolution. If your goal is to cut down on eating sweets, clearly it’s best not to reward yourself with a candy bar or ice cream. Instead, treat yourself to that tanning lotion you’ve had your eye on, or upgrade to another level of tanning. You deserve it!

If you need a friend to help you with any resolution related to tanning, you know I’m your girl! You’ve got a friend in me for all things sunless, sunbeds, sunshine, OPI and tanning lotions. You can reach me on Facebook and Twitter!



PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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